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+++++++++++EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT+++++++++++ (English)

We are finally able to tell you about our collaboration with the ‘Endometriosis Foundation of America’ and in particular ‘The ENPOWR Project’.

Members of the foundation have been working behind the scenes on the youth project for some time now. The result is the youth website: ‘’. But that’s not all. We played with the idea of spreading awareness in schools through an educational program as this is very much needed. Of course, this should be provided in a way that resonates with the audience we want to reach; the young people between 12 and 18 years old. The ENPOWR Project, in the United States, is already in full swing to provide education and to raise awareness in schools. The project has already reached a considerable number of students. The collaboration with the Endometriosis Foundation of America will allow us to use their learning material. “How great is that.” If you want to know more about The ENPOWR Project, feel free to take a look at their website: In the upcoming school year, we want to go on a college tour, which will be titled: GirlsTalk. Period! Do you want us to visit your school to come and talk and raise awareness that pain during your menstruation is not normal? Please contact us via e-mail:

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